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The Replicas Video Shoot

The Replicas Music shot videos of two amazing bands today!

They are all so such talented musicians and singers!

Special thank you to: Venue | @LAriverStudios Music | @TheReplicasMusic Music Director | @dasmudshark Filmmaker | @MediaLiberated TRM Assistant | @_brijolie Photos | @TheGoodPhotographer Makeup Hair | @Face_It_Sugar Fab Wardrobe Assistance | @moxiebrightevents Drum Tech | @young_jon_butterworth Catering | @jenniecooks . . Thank you to All of our incredible musical Talent: @MalyndaHale @Cheyenne_Jolene @AaronTheKrash_ @AaronProvisor @GwonDrums @DavidJBrunelle @benviainternet @tastic8va @jp_floyd @jayflat @iamtjwilkins @_brijolie @jamilafordmusic @ninjaknudsen @caesarsteve @sidws @matthewjordanmusic @tbonechrisj @chrisVgray @fabianchavezmusic @petekorpela @_brijolie

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